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  • Shopping in Los Angeles

    Shopping hotspots in Los Angeles have developed their own glitzy reputations. For a genuine LA shopping experience, discover world-class shopping along Third Avenue, Beverly Boulevard, La Brea Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard. For more compact browsing, there's the old-school Beverly Center, a three-story mall anchored by Bloomingdale's and Macy's, and the Grove, mall king Rick Caruso's village-style outdoor shopping center. Downtown's Los Angeles Fashion District is heaven for bargain-seekers. Its polar opposite can be found on Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive, where storefronts bear familiar names from the pages of Vogue & the Robb Report
  • Restaurants in Los Angeles

    With more restaurants within the city of Los Angeles than there are self-help books at your local bookstore, the only thing harder than accurately describing the culinary world of LA is actually picking which restaurant to eat at. Much like wannabe actors and rock stars, chefs flock to LA by the thousands hoping to start the restaurant that will forever embed them in culinary fame. While restaurants and cuisines may differ, each chef these days shares one common weapon: fusion. Fusion cuisine is LA's newest lover, since it allows for everyone to find a unique style in a culinary world where it seems that it's all been done before. Though you can still find traditional meals like steaks and burgers, don't be surprised if you see something wild on the menu like Asian-influenced, Jamaican-style, Cajun-spiced tacos.
  • Attorneys in Los Angeles

    A reputable Los Angeles attorney can offer invaluable peace of mind to individuals who need legal representation or advice. From divorce and custody battles to criminal charges, an experienced Los Angeles lawyer can ensure clients receive the best possible outcome to every legal struggle they encounter. Furthermore, expert legal advice is a necessity for employers, landlords and investors who need to know their legal rights and restrictions in their daily work. Proactively seeking out legal services can help protect financial and medical interests for the future. A Los Angeles attorney can help you set up wills and trusts, carefully plan estates and establish living wills or other advance directives. Lawyers experienced in contract law can help draft employment agreements, business partnerships or even prenuptial agreements.

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